The Path Forward – Operations Team (OT) met on Thursday, April 13, 2017 at 9:40 a.m. in the Lucas-Dodge Room (#256) of the IMU.  Team members in attendance were: Rod Lehnertz, Sue Curry, Bruce Harreld, Tom Rocklin, Terry Johnson, Lena Hill, Georgina Dodge, Alec Scranton, John Laverty, Cheryl Reardon, Steve Fleagle, Grant Jerkovich, Carroll Reasoner, Don Szeszycki, Ron Weigel, and Ted Yanecek.  Diane Slusarski was also in attendance.

The minutes of the March 23, 2017 meeting were distributed along with the meeting agenda.   Rod Lehnertz noted the upcoming meeting on May 2 to review Strategic Initiative proposals, a joint meeting with the SIT.  Terry Johnson then reviewed the Strategic Initiative process.

Subcommittee chairs reported on current activities.  Alec Scranton (Academic Affairs) noted his subcommittee has several issues under review, issues raised by UISG and GPSG.  The subcommittee intends to meet with representatives from these groups to gain a better understanding of the issues they have put forward.  Georgina Dodge (Diversity & Inclusion) noted she had begun to report on recommendations from SIT 4 at the SIT meeting held immediately before the OT meeting.  Terry Johnson reported on past successes of the Parking and Transportation subcommittee noting that the OT subcommittee acted as a facilitator between student leaders and Parking and Transportation.  It was suggested this might make a good story for Iowa Now or the DI.  Carroll Reasoner noted the campus safety subcommittee was reviewing the suggestion from UISG regarding the communications protocol for the department of public safety.  She also noted a request from the Regents that all three universities report crime statistics in a uniform manner.

A question was raised about the potential financial impact of OT recommendations and the role this should play in subcommittee deliberations.  The consensus appeared to be that while financial considerations should not be ignored, funding issues should not preclude or inhibit the subcommittee from doing the right thing.   Tom Rocklin noted continued interest in Cultural House improvements and that the Food Truck policy is near completion.

The Team meeting adjourned at 10:42 a.m.