The Path Forward – Strategy Implementation Team met on Thursday, April 13, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. in the Lucas-Dodge Room (#256) of the IMU.  Team members in attendance were:  Rod Lehnertz, Bruce Harreld, Sue Curry, Tom Rocklin, Cheryl Reardon, Georgina Dodge, Cornelia Lang, Lena Hill, Matthew Watson, Monica Madura, Sherry Watt, Carroll Reasoner, Grant Jerkovich, Jackie Lewis and Ted Yanecek.  Also in attendance were Diane Slusarski, John Keller and Terry Johnson.

Sue Curry called the meeting to order.  The minutes of the March 23, 2017 meeting were distributed along with the meeting agenda.  Sue brought to the Team’s attention the May 2 meeting to review Strategic Initiative proposals, a joint meeting with the OT.

Terry Johnson provided an overview of the Strategic Initiatives Process (SIP).  Discussion followed.  It was noted that the SIP is designed to encourage innovation and cross-campus collaboration.  SIP is more than a funding mechanism – it was suggested that the focus should be on ideas and process: “what do people want to do.”  The “score-card” for SIP proposals is still being developed.  There was discussion on whether the SIP should be on an annual cycle or more frequent, perhaps quarterly.  Communications, accountability, facilitating new collaborations and encouraging cultural change were all topics of discussion.  It is to be determined (additional discussion needed) whether or not all the submitted proposals should be posted.

Cornelia Lang distributed draft recommendations from SIT 3 - Undergraduate Academic Experience.  Many of the recommendations do not include a request for, or require additional funding, but do involve a commitment of faculty/staff time.  There was discussion on the culture of teaching, technology in the classrooms, course evaluations (mid-semester), learning assessments, implementation of best practices around campus.

Georgina Dodge introduced draft recommendations from SIT 4 – Campus Inclusion/Climate.  She noted “diversity” is not a static concept; it has and continues to change over time.  Due to time constraints, the discussion of SIT 4 recommendations will be continued at the next SIT meeting.  Topics to be addressed include implementation of the recommendations (perhaps handed off to the OT), prioritization, and communication strategies.

The meeting adjourned at 9:32 a.m.