Students would like to see an on-campus garden similar to the one on the Hawkeye Campus. The Hawkeye Campus garden is too far out and inaccessible to many students.


UI Facilities Management Office of Campus Planning worked closely with University of Iowa Student Gardeners and the Office of Sustainability to develop a concept and business plan for an on-campus garden in the green space north of North Hall.  Advice and support was received from the charter committees (Sustainability and Campus Planning Committee).  The concept was presented to the Operations Team which supported the plan as presented.  The estimated construction cost is $178,750.  The annual institutional operating costs are estimated to be $25,000.  UI Student Government approved an allocation of $17,000 per year for two years to support the operating costs for the University of Iowa Student Gardeners.  Private support for the construction and/or operation of the garden will be explored.  Funding for the project will be submitted to the Strategic Initiatives process.  The project may be placed on hold due to a pending construction project (Hancher footbridge) which may impact the identified location of the garden.