While staff are reasonably pleased with the core benefits of working at the University (vacation/sick leave accrual, healthcare coverage, retirement) in the spirit of continuous improvement we recommend several enhancements to strengthen recruitment efforts, retention of staff, and commitment to the University.


Several areas of focus include:


  • Flexible Work Arrangements – while this currently is an option for some employees, it is perceived to be applied differentially by individual supervisors and units.  Improved awareness of supervisors during onboarding and encouraged to be considered as an option supported by the University.
  • FMLA as it pertains to parental leave – ensuring parity of application between leave options provided to birth parents and adoptive parents.
  • Wellness – continued efforts to enhance offerings of wellness resources to improve staff resiliency and well-being by the provision of more classes in more locations around lunch hours and times immediately surrounding the work day.
  • Lactation Rooms – some areas with a high density of offices without accompanying meeting areas lack nearby lactation rooms (see attached map).
  • Open workspaces with lots of windows and natural lighting and sit/stand workstations as minimum considerations for staff workspaces.