Students, faculty, and staff have all expressed concern about the abundance and magnitude of mental health concerns impacting our University community members.  This needs to be addressed on at least two levels—providing resources for community members to address acute and chronic mental health conditions and an examination of those factors that may be contributing to or exacerbating poor mental health.

  • A quick and full response to the need to hire additional counselors is underway.
  • Helping faculty and staff to recognize and manage student mental health issues. What faculty and staff advisors can do and how to help them do it. 
  • Determining how to recognize and manage mental health issues specific to staff and faculty.

An additional OT subcommittee has been formed to specifically address mental health issues. Campus-based mental health services providers serve on this subcommittee. This subcommittee is recommending:

  • Creating a resiliency coaching model within Academic Support & Retention and Student Care & Assistance to foster in students critical skill sets that best practices and current trends suggest contribute to student success prior to students needing counseling.
  • Providing a 60-minute interactive departmental faculty and staff training session that will highlight the state of mental health issues on campus, and provide practical language and concrete steps that faculty and staff members can utilize to assist students experiencing mental health related issues.  Presenters will also identify existing campus resources that support faculty and staff in responding to students. A pilot program of nine CLAS departments.
  • Establishing a Student Mental Health Advisory Team.

In addition, at the request of UI student governance groups (UISG and GPSG) the Board of Regents approved a new mandatory student fee designed to support student mental health services for the 2017-18 academic year.