The Academic Affairs subcommittee examined this issue and found many examples of the University providing training for Teaching Assistants.  Among the efforts are:

  • The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology (OTLT) Center for Teaching has a full day, interactive session for approximately 175 new Teaching Assistants which takes place the Thursday before fall classes begin.  (see:
  • The OTLT Center for Teaching offers an ongoing series of teaching workshops for graduate students.
  • Effective Teaching Institute for ~165 TAs--a half-day event in January helps new and experienced TAs develop teaching skills and confidence.
  • The Graduate College and the OTLT Center for Teaching also are collaborating to create online resources for Teaching Assistants.
  • OTLT Center for Teaching offers TILE-focused workshops specifically for Teaching Assistants.
  • OTLT Center for Teaching offers ongoing consultations and reading groups targeted to teaching assistants and their unique needs.
  • The UI has joined the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Leaning (CIRTL), which provides resources and a pathway for grad students to develop better teaching practices.
  • The UI Joined National Research Mentoring Network; not entirely for grad students, but resources helpful in this arena.

It is recommended that the OTLT Center for Teaching and the Graduate College continue to support and increase awareness of activities that help TAs understand and apply evidence-based best teaching. The two units also should continue to support graduate students in their more general professional development.