Develop strategies to improve UI’s research standing. Include strategies to improve recruitment and retention of faculty, breaking collegial and departmental silos, expectations for allocation of faculty effort (post tenure) in teaching, research, and service, and improving faculty salaries.

  • Address issues of faculty excellence in a proactive way, given the essential role faculty play in the overall success and vitality.  It will be important to keep abreast of several related issues.  These include dealing with intense competition for faculty, reducing the loss of valued faculty through enhanced retention efforts, increasing diversity of the faculty as a whole, enhancing faculty salary compensation, and allowing for flexibility in faculty effort allocation.  Some key objectives and actions to consider are: 1) Increase the size and quality of faculty in strategically important academic areas (continuation of the ‘cluster’ approach?); 2) Significantly increase the diversity of faculty through new hires and enhanced retention efforts; 3) Ensure competitive faculty compensation; 4) Develop and implement policies to retain highly valued faculty; 5) Devise and implement new mechanisms or policies for rewarding outstanding faculty and for continually assessing faculty performance as scholars and teachers (and shifting portfolios?); 6) Develop ways to enable faculty to focus time on being highly productive in their core academic activities (e.g., research, scholarship, and creativity; teaching; public engagement).
  • Review expectations for allocation of faculty effort (post tenure) in teaching, research, and service. Develop new metrics and incentives for performance within each.
  • Additional comments from SIT members: 1) Need to rethink effort allocation of highly productive researchers. 2) Add technology transfer and industry partnerships to this list..; 3) Need a new model that is much more strategic about partnering with large companies on R&D pipelines. 3) What is value to UI of investments made in economic development? 4) Address fundamental economics of trade-off between raising average faculty salary and number of faculty.