Students continue to emphasize the importance of improving housing and dining options both on and off campus, which highlights the importance of continued commitment to the work of SIT-6.  Both of these issues are critical facets of reducing non-tuition expenses for students.  

Housing issues to consider:

  • Lack of affordable on and off-campus housing options
  • Need for the University to work with City of Iowa City to address off-campus issues, such as landlord conflicts, quality of apartments, and security concerns

Dining issues to consider:

  • Affordability and quality of on campus food options
  • Affordability of off campus food options
  • Change culture of University Housing & Dining to better serve the needs of students, such as IMU catering policies and expanded food options (e.g. less expensive meal plan options and  food trucks on campus)
  • Food insecurity at the University of Iowa, and lack of resources/support for students who need to access food stamps and other government programs