In the spirit of continuous enhancement of recruitment efforts, retention of staff, and commitment to the University, the Tuition Assistance and Academic Benefits available to staff should be improved as an investment in staff currently at the university.


This impacts the University of Iowa’s ability to further train existing staff. It impacts staff’s ability to be promoted or to expand knowledge in rapidly changing environments. It impacts staff that have taken on leadership roles with the University of Iowa but have not had the opportunity to further develop their supervisory and leadership skills.


This also places University of Iowa at a disadvantage in recruiting new professional staff and retaining existing talent as many academic organizations offer tuition reimbursement or tuition assistance as part of continuous learning programs.


Encourage and allow permanent staff to take coursework at no charge and provide a retention tool similar to the Iowa Heritage Scholarship Program for the children of faculty and staff.  For staff, two tiers – priority for those progressing the career path with more flexibility to take courses during the work day and another for those of personal enjoyment and retention enhancement with priority given to those that have open seats and can be accommodated within the work day.