The Path Forward–Strategy Implementation Team met on Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2017, at 8 a.m. in the Lucas-Dodge Room (#256) of the IMU. Team members in attendance were: Barry Butler, Rod Lehnertz, Carroll Reasoner, Dan Reed, Jacob Simpson, Cheryl Reardon, Georgina Dodge, Erin Brothers, Cornelia Lang, Peter Snyder, Lena Hill, Matthew Watson, Monica Madura, Sue Curry, Christina Bohannan, Sherry Watt, Jackie Lewis, and Ted Yanecek. Also in attendance were Brent Gage and John Keller. (Note: Frank Durham has resigned from SIT.)

The minutes of the Dec. 8, 2016, meeting were distributed along with the meeting agenda. 

Barry Butler distributed an updated “golden wheel” outlining the Path Forward process. Barry drew attention to the processes by which issues/ideas are brought forward to SIT or OT, and emphasized Step 3 in the Path Forward process that of “Building Ongoing Accountability.” He also reviewed the format for presenting recommendations from the various SIT Teams to the entire group.

A list of the four governance groups “top 10 issues” and subcommittee assignments was distributed. Issues may be reassigned as needed as the subcommittees begin working the issues. The top 10 issues lists will be posted on the Path Forward website.

Dan Reed presented a review of SIT 1 (National Research Standing) activities and recommendations. Brent Gage presented a review of SIT 8 (Strategic Enrollment Management) activities and recommendations. Brent noted that the recommendations would be effective for the fall 2018 entering class as the fall 2017 class is already being admitted.

John Keller reported on SIT 2 (URM) activities and Cornelia Lang on SIT 3 (Undergraduate Academic Experience). SIT 3 may be ready to present recommendations at the March meeting. Georgina Dodge reported on SIT 4 (Campus Inclusion/Climate) and indicated recommendations may be presented later this spring. Jacob Simpson reported on SIT 6 (Student Housing and Dining). Dan Reed reported on SIT 7 (Intellectual Property) and noted the challenge of drafting a revised IP policy.

The Team meeting adjourned at 9:14 a.m.