The Path Forward–Strategy Implementation Team met on Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 9 a.m. in room B5 Jessup Hall. Team members in attendance were: Barry Butler, Rod Lehnertz, Bruce Harreld, Tom Rocklin, Carroll Reasoner, Georgina Dodge, Christina Bohannan, Peter Snyder, Monica Madura, Matthew Watson, Samantha Lange, Keith Carter, Jacob Simpson, and Ted Yanecek. Guests in attendance were Terry Johnson, Diane Slusarski, and Hans Hoerschelman.

Barry provided an overview of the process by which issues will be raised and addressed by the Team (see golden wheel).  Barry distributed a list of issues that have been brought to his attention.  He asked the Team to identify those issues that might be appropriately addressed by the Operations Team (0-18 month time frame) as well as identify existing campus committees (charter committees or otherwise) or individuals that might have special knowledge or interest in the subject matter.  Barry further asked the Team to label the issues as High/Medium/Low priority and to identify the top 2 issues for Team consideration and to get back to him (Barry) within one week.

Terry Johnson then provided an overview of the FY 2017 budget and issues facing the University.  

The Team meeting adjourned at 10:35.