The Path Forward–Operations Team met on Tuesday, May 3, 2016 at 9:35 a.m. in room B5 Jessup Hall.  Team members in attendance were: Rod Lehnertz, Barry Butler, Bruce Harreld, Tom Rocklin, Carroll Reasoner, Don Szeszycki, Don Guckert, Kevin Ward, Steve McGuire, Erin Brothers, Elesa Wedemeyer, Alec Scranton, Sarah Vigmostad, Ron Weigel, Andrew Namanny, Georgina Dodge, Steve Fleagle, Laura McLeran, Terry Johnson, Anh Ngo and Ted Yanecek.  One guest was in attendance: Diane Slusarski.

Rod gave a brief FY 2017 budget update.  He then asked the Team for any new issues that the OT might consider.  Three issues were raised and discussed:

  • The status of Cultural Houses on campus.  An ad-hoc sub-committee co-chaired by Georgina Dodge and Tom Rocklin will be formed.  Tom and Georgina will report back to the OT on the membership of this new group and will report on its findings and recommendations. 
  • Establishment of a centralized pool of funds for “special project” requests from internal and external entities.  Rod will take this under advisement. 
  • Formation of a University-wide “project management office”, an office to act as a clearinghouse/central repository of projects/data as well as establish some standardization of process.  This may be taken up by the Communications, Information, Morale and Messaging sub-committee with the assistance of Steve Fleagle (or other person in IT).

Sub-committee Reports

  • Academic Affairs has yet to meet; however, a meeting has been scheduled.
  • Diversity & Inclusion has added a recent graduate to its team.  The need for training of faculty, TAs and RAs was discussed.
  • Parking has yet to meet however meetings have been scheduled.
  • Health & Wellness submitted an issue template on mental health care needs of UI students/faculty/staff.  There was discussion on the need for additional training for faculty, TAs and RAs to identify students who may be experiencing mental health difficulties.
  • Safety on Campus has reached out to others on campus for their expertise (EOD, DPS, General Counsel’s Office). NiteRide was discussed.
  • Student Life has yet to meet.
  • Sustainability & Facilities submitted two issue templates – one on student gardens and the other on sustainability goals.
  • Communications provided an update on the Path Forward website development and development of a system to track and record actions taken on issues before the OT and SIT.

A new sub-committee on “Financial Matters” may be formed.  As noted previously, new sub-committees or working groups may be formed to address new or developing issues.

Rod asked Team members to submit to Ted any new issues for OT consideration before the next OT meeting or as they arise.  This will free time on the agenda for additional discussion of sub-committee activities and recommendations. 

The Team meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.