The Path Forward – Strategy Implementation Team met on Wednesday, November 2, 2016, at 8:00 a.m. in the Lucas-Dodge Room (#256) of the IMU.  Team members in attendance were:  Barry Butler, Rod Lehnertz, Carroll Reasoner, Georgina Dodge, Peter Matthes, Frank Durham, Erin Brothers, Cornelia Lang, Bruce Harreld, Lena Hill, Matthew Watson, Keith Carter, Monica Madura, Samantha Lange, H.S. Udaykumar, Jackie Lewis, Sue Curry, Sherry Watt, Laura McLeran and Ted Yanecek.  Also in attendance were Diane Slusarski, Brent Gage and John Keller.

The minutes of the October 4, 2016 meeting were distributed along with the meeting agenda.  Barry Butler distributed a document outlining “Recommended Actions,” “Proposed Actions,” and “Responsible Unit” related to SIT 1: National Research Standing.  This document may serve as a template for future reports to the Team.  It was suggested a column for “timing” and another for “ownership” be added.  With respect to a recommendation to “Promote a Culture that Prioritizes and Celebrates Research,” Peter Matthes reviewed a government relations communications program used with state legislators indicating this sort of program could serve as a model for other areas.   Peter provided additional background on the University’s strategic communications program.

John Keller reported the SIT-2 (URM – graduate/professional programs) effort to inventory current programs continues with additional units reporting their programs and activities. Georgina Dodge (SIT-4: Campus Inclusion/Diversity) noted ongoing discussions regarding: (i) campus climate survey and (ii) appropriate metrics to measure faculty and staff diversity. 

Brent Gage reported that SIT-8 (Strategic Enrollment Management) has held its first meeting.  The task force will be developing a 5-year plan focusing on 3 issues:

  • What is the ideal mix of students (resident, nonresident, international)
  • Financial aid – net tuition revenue – tuition discounting
  • Capacity – what do we want to look like and the impact on facilities (housing, classrooms, etc)

It was noted certain issues are outside the control of the University (e.g.: Regents admissions index) but that should not impede the task force deliberations.  Barry Butler noted that undergraduate enrollment was a primary focus but that programmatic issues (e.g.: STEM) should not be overlooked.

Rod Lehnertz noted SIT-5 (Strategic Budgeting Process) has nearly completed its work.  Terry Johnson will be asked to report to the full SIT in December.  Cornelia Lang noted SIT-3 (Undergrad Academic Experience) is digesting the new University Strategic Plan.  The task force has discussed the need to balance “in classroom” experience with “high impact practices”.  Cornelia also reported on an independent meeting with student government leaders (Lena Hill also in attendance) to discuss teaching evaluations and a potential town hall type meeting to address this issue.   Barry Butler provided a brief update on SIT-7 (Intellectual Property).  Barry also noted that the staff council and undergraduate student government have submitted their list of prioritized issues for the Path Forward Teams to consider next year.

The Team meeting adjourned at 9:27 a.m.