The University of Iowa

Research and Discovery

Our goal is to perform high-impact research.

  • We will create a university ecosystem that enables the UI to be an international leader in confronting the grand challenges of the 21st century.
  • Recruit and retain faculty and staff who possess the broad diversity essential to our research mission.
  • Foster a campus culture in which UI faculty, students, and staff can maximize their research productivity.
Annual Work Plan: 
Ted Abel
Co-chair; Professor, Physiology
Corinne Peek-Asa
Co-chair; Professor, Occupational and Environmental Health (College of Public Health)
Sandra Daack-Hirsch
Associate Professor, College of Nursing
Erin Brothers
Sponsored Programs
Joe Kearney
Professor, Computer Science
Bob Kirby
Associate Director, Honors Program
Rebekah Kowal
Professor, Dance
Amy Lee
Professor, Physiology
Peggy Nopoulos
Professor, Psychiatry
Ann Ricketts
Senior Assistant Vice President for Research
Diane Slusarski
Professor and Department Chair, Biology
Milan Sonka
Professor and Associate Dean, College of Engineering
Eric Tate
Associate Professor, Geographical and Sustainability Sciences

Work Group Feedback