The Path Forward–Operations Team met on Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 9:35 a.m. in room B5 Jessup Hall. Team members in attendance were: Rod Lehnertz, Barry Butler, Bruce Harreld, Tom Rocklin, Carroll Reasoner, Don Szeszycki, Don Guckert, Kevin Ward, Steve McGuire, Erin Brothers, Elesa Wedemeyer, Alec Scanton, Sarah Vigmostad, Ron Weigel, Andrew Namanny, Georgina Dodge, Steve Fleagle, and Ted Yanecek. Guest in attendance was Diane Slusarski.

Rod distributed the UI minimum wage position paper developed after the March 2016 OT meeting, the CY 2016 BOR governance calendar, and a document entitled: “Issues for consideration by the Operations Team.” 

Rod and President Harreld briefly discussed the FY 2017 budgeting process.  President Harreld identified three guiding principles: (1) student outcome; (2) AAU rankings; (3) University values.

The Team discussed the formation of 8 sub-committees to identify and prioritize issues as well as to make recommendation on addressing the issues.  The subcommittees are:

  1. Academic Affairs (Alec Scranton)
  2. Diversity and Inclusion (Georgina Dodge)
  3. Parking and Transportation (Terry Johnson)
  4. Health and Wellness (Steve McGuire)
  5. Safety on Campus (Carroll Reasoner)
  6. Student Life and Affairs (Tom Rocklin)
  7. Sustainability and Facilities/Grounds (Don Guckert)
  8. Campus Communication/Morale and Messaging (Laura McLeran)

OT members are to submit their desired sub-committee assignments to Ted Yanecek by the end of the week. Rod will then make assignments with the objective of having three-person sub-committees.

The Team meeting adjourned at 11:00 a.m.