The Path Forward – Strategy Implementation Team met on Tuesday, August 2, 2016 at 8:00 a.m. in the Nebraska Room (#335) of the IMU.  Team members in attendance were:  Barry Butler, Rod Lehnertz, Carroll Reasoner, Peter Snyder, Jacob Simpson, Christina Bohannan, Cornelia Lang, Sue Curry, Bruce Harreld, Tom Rocklin, Lena Hill, Jackie Lewis, Matthew Watson and Ted Yanecek.  Also in attendance were Diane Slusarski, John Laverty and John Keller.

The minutes of the July 5, 2016 meeting were distributed along with the meeting agenda.

Barry reported that SIT 1: National Research Standing would be on the agenda for an upcoming Deans’ retreat.  John Keller reported on recent activities of SIT 2: URM Participation in Graduate/ Professional Programs.  Tom Rocklin reported that based upon the draft of the new University strategic plan, SIT 3: Undergraduate Academic Experience would be focusing on four areas and is likely to establish smaller working groups to gathering additional information on the following: (a) affordability of high impact practices (HIP); (b) availability of internships and helping students navigate to internships; (c) capstone and career-readiness courses; and (d) research experience. Tom also noted his desire to have a graduate student with experience as a teaching assistant to serve on SIT-3.  Related to SIT 4: Campus Inclusion/Climate, Barry noted the formation of the “Shared Governance Coordinating Committee on Inclusion and Campus Climate.”  This group, representing a broad cross section of campus organizations and departments, meets regularly and briefly to share information, and to report on activities and upcoming events.  Rod reported that SIT-5: Strategic Budgeting Process has held its kick-off meeting. President Harreld reported on his efforts to review and potentially revise the budgeting/financial planning process at the Regents level.

Other issues – Barry reported that a new task force will be formed: SIT 6: Student Housing and Dining.  In response to a request from student government, this group will focus on long term strategies to address student housing and dining needs of both undergraduate and graduate/professional students. Barry requested names of persons who would be willing to serve on this task force.

The Team meeting adjourned at 9:25.