UI student government leader (UISG and GPSG) requested that the University improve parking services provided to students, decrease the cost of parking for students on campus, and increase the amount of accessible parking on campus for students.  In response, UI Parking & Transportation has agreed to:

  • Lower the cost students pay for a Night and Weekend parking permit from $17/month to $10/month.
  • Expand use Student Day Permit (free to students).  Will pilot ways to expand use to include cashiered facilities (e.g.: issue parking card).
  • Implement a means for students to charge to their U-Bill hourly parking charges in cashiered facilities.
  • Lower cost of commuter parking in select lots (e.g.: Hancher) from $49/month to $42/month.
  • Lower cost of hourly parking fees in cashiered parking facilities for parking during nights and weekend hours for students using the parking card.
  • Convert significant amounts of Arts Campus metered parking spaces to charge only the student hourly rate.  Monitor use to determine if number of meters should be increased.
  • Encourage bicycle/motorcycle/scooter use; increase designated parking areas as necessary.
  • Enhance marketing efforts using social media to inform students of parking options/programs.