The Path Forward – Operations Team (OT) met on Tuesday, November 2, 2016 at 9:37 a.m. in the Lucas-Dodge Room (#256) of the IMU.  Team members in attendance were: Rod Lehnertz, Barry Butler, Bruce Harreld, Laura McLeran, Don Szeszycki, Lena Hill, Tom Rocklin, Georgina Dodge, Erin Brothers, Ron Weigel, Carroll Reasoner, Sarah Vigmostad, John Laverty, Alec Scranton, Don Guckert and Ted Yanecek.  Diane Slusarski also attended the meeting.

The minutes of the October 4, 2016 meeting were distributed along with the meeting agenda.

Rod Lehnertz reported that the undergraduate student government and staff council have submitted their prioritized issues list for the Path Forward Teams to consider in the upcoming year.  The faculty and graduate/professional student government are expected to submit their lists by mid-November. 

It was requested that the subcommittees provide summary paragraphs regarding their recommendations for Team discussion and eventual posting on the Path Forward webpage.  Subcommittee chairs updated the Team on recent meetings and recommendations. 

Alec Scranton (Academic Affairs) noted his subcommittee has reviewed several issues and will provide summary paragraphs outlining their recommendations at the December OT meeting.  Georgina Dodge (Diversity & Inclusion) noted subcommittee discussions regarding: (i) campus climate survey and (ii) appropriate metrics to measure faculty and staff diversity.  Both the Parking & Transportation subcommittee and the Health & Wellness subcommittee have made recommendations on several issues resulting in concrete results (e.g.: hiring additional mental health counselors).  The subcommittee chairs will be asked to provide summary paragraphs for publication on the Path Forward website.  Tom Rocklin (Student Life), as best he could (sounding like Sandy Boyd) reported on subcommittee activities. 

Don Guckert (Sustainability and Facilities/Grounds) updated the Team on the student garden project.  He noted the project was in the financing stage (SIT-5) but that it may be delayed due to a project to repair or replacement the Hancher footbridge.   The garden area would likely be used for “lay-down.”  Don reported on progress on gender-neutral restroom signage and conversion of single user restrooms.  He further noted that Liz Christianson will be retiring in February which provides an opportunity to review the sustainability office.  Lastly, Don reported on videos created by “Dr. KW Therm” to inform students on how they can control the heating and cooling in their dorm rooms.

Terry Johnson will be asked to report to both the SIT and OT in December on the status of SIT-5 (Strategic Budgeting Process).  It is anticipated that the OT will have a role in the strategic initiative funding process.   Laura McLeran (Communications) reported on issues being identified by the shared governance groups and how those would be presented on the Path Forward website.  Barry Butler asked about reporting SIT and OT activities to the campus and driving traffic to the website.  It is anticipated that the issue identification process will be improved with the involvement of the shared governance groups which will better enable the issues to be reported via the website.

Carroll Reasoner (Safety on Campus) noted several issues before this subcommittee have been resolved and recommendations posted on the Path Forward website.  No additional issues are pending for this subcommittee at this time.  (Note: Rod Lehnertz mentioned the “Rave Guardian” smart phone application.)  Georgina Dodge reported on issues related the Cultural Houses, both physical improvements and programmatic matters.   Lastly, Tom Rocklin reported the Food Truck ad hoc subcommittee has held its first meeting.

The Team meeting adjourned at 10:57 a.m.